Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do bud vape contains marijuana or THC?

Bud vape disposable vape do not contain any traces of THC. We strictly sell nicotine products regulated and permitted by government. None of our products contain any THC. Mostly, contains 5 % nicotine .

  • How long does shipping takes ?

We ship out products on same day. Orders are packed and dispatched from Smok City's premises on same day. It usually takes 2-3 days for you to get delivery of your order but time may vary depending upon location of delivery and USPS holidays.

  • Do you sell 0 percent nicotine vapes ?

Yes, we do sell vapes with 0% nicotine. You can buy Flair 800 puffs zero nicotine vape from us. We also have 3% nicotine flavored vapes.

  • Where are you located ?

We are proudly US based company situated at 411 west Trenton avenue, Morrisville, Pennsylvania, 19067. We offer online as well as walk in store services for disposable vapes.

  • What are rechargeable vapes ?

Rechargeable vapes comes with any option of plugging in C-type charger when your devices runs out. If your vape disposable has juice left in it, it will help you give some additional hits to make your device last longer.

  • Are your products genuine and authenticated ?
We sell only authenticated products. In world full of choices, we are glad you choose us. Trust is all that matters when it comes to online shopping and Smok city don't compromise on its quality . Most devices comes with scratch code to check for authentication online.