Salt Bae 30mL Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

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Flavor Profile: 

  • Blue Raspberry Lemonade- Delivers an exhilarating blue raspberry lemonade with the perfect amount of tanginess and refreshment.
  • Carrot Cake- The moist, sweet, fresh spice cake we all know topped with decadent cream cheese frosting. 
  • Fresh Pineapple- The fresh fruit in this salt e liquid will make you feel as if you are having an iconic fruity cocktail by the beach.
  • Fruit Punch- A combination of your favorite fruits that conjure up the most nostalgic beverage of all time. Splash into a bottle of fruit punch today! 
  • Green Apple- Completely natural tasting and pure, this crisp, juicy flavor is infinitely better than anything you could ever find. Inhale and you can almost feel the juice dripping down your arm.
  • Georgia Peach- A ripe Peach directly from the farms of Georgia grown to perfection! 
  • Honey Dew ICE- Sweet, light honey dew melon is brought together with freezing cold menthol to make a vape juice blend so refreshing you'll swear it was winter in the middle of July. 
  • Juicy Watermelon- One of the most refreshing foods out there, when you taste watermelons sweet, pure flavor you can't help but feel clean, healthy and full of pep. 
  • Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookie- Mashmellowy goodness squeezed between two soft oatmeal cookies.
  • Red Mango- A phenomenal freshly riped mangoes with a distinct taste unlike any other. 
  • Strawberry Acai- Sweet, crisp, tangy, and bursting with strawberry and acai flavors.
  • Strawberry Kiwi- The perfect pairing of ripe strawberries and exotic, tart kiwi is well known for how incredibly complementary they are to each other. 
  • Sweet Caramel- Strong, deep tobacco is mellowed out by the sweet, buttery taste that brings out the best of its natural, earthy flavor.
  • ICED Blue Raspberry Lemonade- A delightfully tart blue raspberry nic salt juice, it’s the perfect juice for daily vaping or switching up your flavors for something bold and new.
  • ICED Green Apple- Ripe Granny Smith apples and combines them with premium nicotine salts to create a mouth-puckering tart apple flavor blessed with a mentholated touch.
  • ICED Juicy Watermelon- There's no better pair than a fresh menthol taste with watermelon for a hot summer day. 
  • ICED Red Mango- Both plain Red Mango and Red Mango Iced vape juice for a refreshing, sweet flavor that puts the cool in your mouth.
  • ICED Winter Green- The fresh, clean, minty taste of wintergreen, topped off with a hint of menthol. 


Size: 30ML

Nicotine Strength: 25MG 50MG